Fashion is a way of being

This is how our story begins

I was born in a small town in the alps, called Vipiteno. My mother Carla loved it to spent her creative time in our family lab, to create bijoux, rich in meaning and symbols. The laboratory was situated upon one of her boutiques. So she was able to follow her passion, to combine jewelry and fine clothing with deep significance. As a matter fact the symbol, she has chosen for her bracelets is the Angel, which represents love and protection.

At the beginning she gave it away as presents to us children and to her beloved friends. By the time, when she offered the bracelets in her shops, she didn’t realize how precious the angel would become for her clients. Beyond the unique design this jewelry was able to instill in a large group of people, a feeling of protection and support.

My mother told us, that when a bracelet fell apart, a wish was fullfilled!! With it, a whish came true. In 2012 the label “Moda é Modo” was created and launched. Handcrafted, emotionally charged design, and special attention for materials are the premise of this extraordinary jewelry Made in Italy. Beyond jewellery our creativity led us in the fantastic world of creating shawls. Magnificent art and details are expressed in there, with the always present passion and cure for perfection. It is of vital importance for us to never stop, transmitting feelings of love, protection and friendship in all of our unique items.

Our team

Gaia Sartore Sieff

Product & Sales Manager

Daniella Tulyan


Gaia Zerboni

Social media & communication